May 16th, 2011


More proof that I never know WHAT's going on...

My main computer still can't get on LJ during the weekends to save its life. The navigation bar & its prequel (everything post DoS) have borked that PC for weeks now. :(

I finished my voting for tvnetwork1_las. My story for this round is one I never expected to write, but that's the beauty of these challenge. :)

Wallpaper removal project: in picking the kitchen alcove (which the bunny had destroyed), I think I started with the hardest sub-project first. All of the small space/overhead parts were tedious, and scrubbable vinyl wallpaper is really thick (so, the soaking solution doesn't work as well). Still, not too much wall damage. It's off, ready to patch and paint. The kids' rooms, by contrast, are wallpapered halfway up with thinner stuff that should soak and remove fairly easily. Lauren is so eager for me to get her room done that she helped with the kitchen-- and pretty well, too.

Our family movie night on Sunday was Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. Christopher loved it, and immediately wanted to rewatch it. Lauren enjoyed most of it, but predictably squawked at the finish: "How is that an ending?!?" Irony isn't always her thing.

Books: I've started The Steel Remains for bedtime (I need reading glasses for the print), and for the awake hours, Going Bovine, which Christopher already read and found hilarious. So far, so good. \o/

Oh, and I watched the Smallville finale. It's been so long since I've seen the show that half of the experience was, "Wait, isn't this character dead? Is Ma Kent dead too? Lionel? And how does Lex have a _sister_?", interspersed with, "Damn, Tom Welling is as gorgeous as ever. Pa Kent still looks pretty good, too. And he still looks like he wants to make out with Clark in every scene they have together." :0