April 25th, 2011


Finally back...

I hope everyone who celebrates Easter (as a religious and/or chocolate-laden experience) had a good one yesterday!

We got back from Disneyland late on Thursday, and have been recuperating ever since. I'm sitting here trying to pretend my back isn't trashed (it was stiff the whole week before, and is worse now), catching up on work (god, the emails alone), and catching up on my f-list. I'm afraid to get on the scale, thanks to a lot of overeating and an increased exercise of denial mechanisms...

I wrote nothing during the break (everything's stalled out), so I'm trying to get that going again. I'm also chasing episodes of last week's House, Sam Axe extravaganza, and Supernatural. And the realization that the browser on my main computer mostly hates both LJ and eztv. Whee.

We watched Despicable Me on Friday, and loved it. Steve Carell's vaguely Eastern-European villain was great, as were the minions \o/ and Russell Brand as a geriatric mad-scientist. But one of my other favorite parts was Gru's Pollution Mobile. Good lord, the spewing black smoke alone! So wrong it was fabulous. :)

Also watched Kate and Leopold last night, and once again tried to mentally recast the Meg Ryan part. Even recasting her hairdo would really help. I still love Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber in it, though. Has Liev done any other comedic turns in mainstream movies?

So... lots of silverbullets entries to get caught up on, and lots of real work to do. Yikes!