April 14th, 2011

White Collar- Neal & Peter

White Collar Fiction: "It Wasn't Actually A Compliment" (Neal, Peter, G)

Title: It Wasn't Actually A Compliment
Fandom: White Collar
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Neal, Peter (Gen, Humor)
Rating: G
Summary: One man's fashion is another man's albatross.
Author's Notes: An Australian Flood Auction fic for tsuki_no_bara, who once mentioned wanting to read about Neal and a hat.


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Poetry: "Camouflaging The Chimera," by Yusef Komunyakaa

We tied branches to our helmets.
We painted our faces & rifles
with mud from a riverbank,

blades of grass hung from the pockets
of our tiger suits. We wove
ourselves into the terrain,
content to be a hummingbird’s target.

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~ Yusef Komunyakaa

Just found this one today, and I think it depicts any soldier's battle-readiness very well. Some of the individual lines in here are really striking, as well.

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I have the song to Zeroman stuck in my head now. Seven episodes will do that to you...

Just a few more days until Disneyland. Right now, I'm mainly focused on that godawful 8-hour drive. It occurred to me only two days ago that we will not be able to return home starting late Thursday afternoon (as planned), because there is no way we will ever make it out of the L.A. area across 3pm-7pm on a workday. I'll have to make backup plans for a midpoint motel.

Star Tours AND Splash Mountain will both be closed. *cries* Those are two of my favorites! OTOH, it looks as if New Orleans Square still has both salmon and gumbo available. I'll be dithering over those two choices, right along with Christopher.

Today, I biked on a route I rode a month ago. Looks like I'll be fighting recurring amnesia about the actual details—the pavement was worse (more patched, more hilly, and bumpier) than I remembered from the last time. It's pretty tiring, and because it's a big 25.5-mile loop, you can't really bail out along the way. :0

Speaking of amnesia... I'm starting to think about bicycle-commuting to work again, one day a week. I drove home via an alternate route today, to see if the one stretch of pavement where I'd like to bike has been improved yet. Nope. I've been at this job 18 years come June, and the city still hasn't cleaned up that 1/2-mile section of road. Really, making it just 4 inches wider and repaving it (to remove the sinkholes and cracks and other hazards) is all it would take. There's a "Share the road" sign with a bike on it now, but that doesn't help much. When you need to come over from the shoulder because of the pavement, drivers don't understand that—they can't see the mess you're trying to avoid.

Eventually, I'll remember that the commute takes 90-minutes each way (I can only speed up so much between all the stop signs and lights), and requires a shower after each direction. But until then, I might get a few weeks of commuting in first...