March 24th, 2011

Bad Robot

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We were so busy watching Dexter on Netflix last night that I completely forgot about L&O:SVU! Now I must Torrent. :(

I'm also a week behind on Fringe because I went to a Sacramento Kings basketball game with Christopher last Friday, and ran out of time to set up the DVR. Must Hulu it before tomorrow night. We had a good time at the Kings' game, though their coach later said it was their worst of the season. It proved instructive, though- ignoring basketball fundamentals can cost you, no matter how good your team is. Not attempting offensive rebounds (especially when your team's shooting is rancid)? And butterfingers passes/dribbling? How dumb is that? :0

I've been tooling around at Wired Online, looking for links to some of the interesting things I've read over the last few months. Finally found a link for Best Drugs Based On Venom. \o/ Also links for Elephant Vasectomies (no, really), the Should I Delete My Tweet? Flowchart, Everything* Explained Through Flowcharts (including "Which Twin Are You?"), Easy-to-Build Office Weapons (with diagrams!), and How Max Headroom Predicted The Demise Of TV Journalism. Plus, a more grown-up article on An End to Outsourcing U.S. Manufacturing?.

I still wish they'd put some of their jokey graphics online. The March 2011 issue has "Hanna vs. Hannah (Montana)", and last year there was a comparison of superhero actors which included one of Wired's glorious random-parameters in the selection criteria: Proximity to Brigitte Nielsen.

Okay. Back to work, and then home!