February 8th, 2011


2010 Fanfic In Review (Writing Meme)

I started to do this on Friday, and then had an attack of self-loathing and abandoned it. The overriding theme was how much I struggled with writing Supernatural fanfic. I only got out one longer Wincest story last year, and the SPN Gen didn't fare much better. I have unfinished Wincest stories galore, most of them from S3-onward, but I can't seem to get them to budge. Not a lot of Prison Break last year either. Instead, the random-fandom fics ran riot:

# of Fandoms: 18

Supernatural: 33
Prison Break: 12
Burn Notice: 6
White Collar: 7
Fringe: 2
Die Hard 4: 3
Iron Man: 3
Chuck: 5
The Hurt Locker: 1
Glee: 1
House, M.D.: 2
Terminator, SCC: 1
J2 RPS: 1
Winnie The Pooh: 1
Lawrence Of Arabia:1
Harvard/MIT: 1
To Live And Die In L.A: 1
Original Fiction: 1

Total Stories: 81, and 27 of them were drabbles.

Total 2010 wordcount: 40671. Some of it, sadly, derailed into stalled-out SPN fics. :(

On to the details. Some of these definitely need your help. Collapse )

Anything to add?


Will he go round in circles?

That was more of a lost weekend than usual. Seems like I got nothing done.

My parents visited on Saturday, which was nice except for the part where I'm trapped in the house for the whole day. It was beautiful and sunny, and I never made it outside. My Dad also put me in an awkward position regarding alcohol. Collapse )

Sunday, I turned off the alarm clock in my sleep and got a really late start to the day. We went to Lauren's basketball game (a nailbiter, ending in a win), then Christopher scootered with me while I ran. His big event was having a friend come over to watch the Super Bowl. They didn't even make it to the end of the first quarter before they were pestering Lauren, then got sent outside to shoot baskets, then agitated to play video games. It wound up basically being a 4-hour playdate. But they had a good time. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl ran across dinner time, and the rest of the evening was fragmented.

So much for 2 days off! I spent Sunday and yesterday trying to fight off Lauren's cold, but it got me. Christopher has it now too.

On the writing front, I'm poking my Australian flood-auction donors for prompts, so I can finish more of those. I wrote a drabble that is up in the large voting pool at drabble_las (votes are needed!), and a first-attempt drabble that wouldn't fit in 100 words and that I can't post until after the voting is over. All secret, all the time! I'm still not used to it.

Tomorrow? Please let the wind die down...