January 31st, 2011


The votes are in...

I won first place in the NBC Last Author Standing, and came in second for USA Network Last Author Standing. Thanks to those of you who helped with voting along the way!

needtakehave made the two lovely banners under the cut:Collapse )

I tallied up the stories I wrote for the 3 LAS Comms: 5 White Collar, 3 Burn Notice, 3 Prison Break, 2 Fringe, and 6 Chuck fics. Two of those weren't actually entered for the competitions, but they were written for them. Nineteen stories in all-- not bad!

The kids' teams both won their basketball games yesterday, both with close finishes and a lot of roughness at the end. At Lauren's game, one of our girls was driving toward the basket and her opponent was leaning hard and trying to force her out. The referee blew his whistle and groaned out, "Foullll..." in a way that cracked me up. Lauren didn't see why that was funny, but it was if there was an entire subtext behind that word: "I can't believe you're doing that right in front of me. Do you seriously think I don't see that? Or that I'm not going to call it? _Damn_."

In other random news, HalfshellHusband suggested putting the top of the Webster (the cobweb-cleaner) in the dishwasher today. o_O

*cannot uncootie what has been cootied*