January 27th, 2011



I woke up with a headache today, which is never good. Kind of sleepless from about 5am onward, with too much running through my head:
1) Composing one of my flood-relief fics (with actors doing the parts)
2) Boys' boarding school? Something? There was mischief, and I briefly rode a horse (thanks, White Collar)
3) Worrying about what our older cat's behavioral changes mean.

So, I have renewed determination (and a web how-to) on taking Tigger's temperature. Other than the increased thirst, a lot of her behavior could easily be explained by being old and really deaf. Still... *is worried*


Did I miss a new Fringe last week? I hate it when shows change days-- there's always flailing until I adjust. Also, my sister called on Sunday to tell me that I MUST watch Portlandia, which apparently is on the same cable channel as The Onion News. Hellooooo, Torrent!

Both my children are afeared of tangerines now. They were very excited about them last year, but between Christopher's braces and his swallowing problem, he now just wants to "vampirize" them. Yuck. And Lauren has so many freakin' food issues that it just makes me tired, so she will often randomly hate on something she used to love. She loves lemon, and tried lemon bars for the first time about a year ago:

Me: What do you think?
Lauren: It feels like jam in my mouth!
Me: What?

You know, I have foods I dislike, but it's because of the taste. I would never let mere texture keep me from liking something (and I have sensitive skin and all that jazz). Hence, a poll:

Food texture issues...

I haz them. A lot.
I has them. Kinda.
I can understand why some people have them.

People who have food-texture issues should try to desensitize themselves.

Boo, you whore.

Tell me a secret-- about anything!

Ack! The above are not secrets, because apparently that needed to be a separate poll. OTOH, nothing scandalous in there so far. Some interesting comments though!