January 26th, 2011


Thing what the cat dragged in? That's me...

Gah. So I finished those two final-round Last Author Standing stories, and I am pretty much dead. I spent clear up through 5pm Monday poking one of them along before deciding that it needed a complete and radical rewrite, and I took three different tacks on the other before realizing last night at 1am that only one half of one of them really worked.

So. This is what it's like when a prompt really makes you struggle. The tradeoffs between "actually uses the prompt well" and "actually tells a good story" can take forever to finally resolve.

If you don't mind, please take a moment to read the final stories and vote. There are only two stories in each comm, so it'll be fairly quick: usanetwork_las and nbc_las. Thanks!

With those finished, I can now start writing the flood-auction ficlets for my lovely bidders! ♥ That seems fitting, as today is
Australia Day

I hope all of you Australian lovelies are safe and dry, and that the country is on its way to recovery.

The weekend was a blur of laundry and desperate writing, broken by Christopher's basketball game (he was awesome), a viewing of The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and a trip to a Sacramento Philharmonic concert. The latter featured an all-French program, marred only by the inclusion of Ravel's Bolero (a popular but painfully repetitive piece). HSH got the tickets as a birthday gift for me back in October, and he chose well. *happy sigh*

Tonight, we'll try to catch last week's White Collar via Hulu, and finish one of our Netflix DVDs. Then, I suspect, I'll be sleeping like the dead. :0 How about you?