January 17th, 2011


Alas, poor Lincoln! I knew him, Horatio...

Well, this is a surprise. As a result of last week's voting for Last Author Standing, I seem to be in the finals for both usanetwork_las and nbc_las, and I got voted OUT of fox_las.

I expected to get a few rounds out of the former two, and write some stories that otherwise would not have happened. I didn't expect to stick around this long! And I thought I'd get farther in fox_las, because there are so many more shows I've written for there!

It's a mystery. I didn't think that Prison Break story I wrote was the worst of that round, but it definitely looks as if PB has gone from a "real" fandom to something no-one actually wants to read (even on my journal). :0 OTOH, I chose to write what I wanted to write rather than pick one of the more popular fandoms, so there's that. All told, though, I got two more PB gen fics out of that comm AND two Fringe stories I never thought I'd be writing. \o/

And on the mana from heaven front? *bites nails* :0

Other weekend news:

We've been waiting forever for the promised "Sunny, highs near 57-60." The fog never lifts, so that hasn't happened. This only matters for bicycling. I rode outside on Friday, and remembered belatedly that ka-thunka-thunka-thunka does not always mean that my indoor bike trainer mag wheel needs replacing OR that there's a piece of gravel in the tire. No, sometimes the inner tube is wearing through the bald tire. PSH-wsh-wsh-wsh-wshhhhh! Yeah. Had to fix that within 3 miles of home, using my tool kit US dollar bill. Which actually worked. :) Today, I still have to put the new tire on...

We did some yardwork (pruning). The kids had their games on Sunday, and both won (Lauren had a really good game, guarding and frustrating her best friend). We went to Borders to spend gift cards (only the kids succeeded). I did a little writing (overdue birthday ficlet), ran yesterday, and am putting away indoor Christmas. Lots and lots of laundry, too, as the battle against indoor dampness continues. Haven't mustered the energy to de-mildew the closet(s) again, though. :0

ETA: Mother of—! First, that tire was old enough to be bald, and yet it's still too tight to easily get over the rim. Second... why will no-one make or sell a good bicycle tire iron anymore? It's been years.