January 11th, 2011


I've stopped rooting for the Bears, because they keep trying to run on every play...

The words above were Christopher's lament about the Super Bowl when he was seven, and they are frustratingly appropriate for the Ducks' loss of the BCS Championship.

It was a good game, and all the analysts that considered the teams very evenly matched were right. Both teams have very similar playing styles, strengths, and weaknesses. The score was 19-19 until the final field goal kicked by Auburn in the last :02 of the game.

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What else happened since Friday, you might ask? Um... The outside Xmas lights are put away. No progress on the inside, though, except that the Xmas tree is gone. But! There was paperwork and fic-writing to do all of Saturday, and yardwork and the kids' basketball games on Sunday. So, yeah.

HSH and I had a date on Saturday, and saw The Black Swan. Really interesting movie, good performances. Not sure it's Best Picture material, but this wasn't a great year for movies in general. I'd definitely recommend seeing it. It made me long for the days when I took basic ballet barre classes, which is probably the wrong reaction. :0

I also watched Milk while biking in the garage (HSH is not so much up for "downer" movies these days). I don't think I've ever seen Sean Penn be so likeable before. His portrayal of Harvey Milk showed a very enthusiastic, passionate man who was kind of a loveable dork, and the world could really use more people like that in politics-- people who believe in the government's potential.

So, that was the weekend. Tonight, I'll commisserate with Christopher over his new braces, try to finish up my two remaining Last Author Standing fics, and catch the new episode of V.