January 6th, 2011

Psycho Penguin

I Don't Sleep, I Dream...

When the alarm went off this morning, our bedroom was cave-dark and I thought, "Muh? Who? Turn it off. Why won't someone turn it off? Oh-- it's my alarm, and I'm the only one here..." o_O

I had a dream a few nights back where Jensen and Jared were doing live theater, and the play included *sexual-tension, sexual-tension, KISS!!!* \o/ The rest of the dream is totally a blur, but I'd put that part on instant-replay if I could. \o/ \o/ \o/

It was much better than the dream of last week, where Jensen had opted out of doing S6 of Supernatural to pursue "other interests," and Jared was plodding through with some fake!Dean. :(

Also better than the recurring dreams where I'm bicycling miles and miles on the 'bikepath' and my legs are tired and inconveniences keep popping up: "Oh hi, there's a swimming pool now. Go around." or "Freaky new playground-- go through." or "Random community center! Open the door and bike through. Don't get caught in the crafts room." All of the bike rides take ridiculously long, and I spend most of the dream being frustrated.

In TV news, we're in S2 of Saving Grace now, mainly because we love Angel Earl so much. The rest of the characters, not so much. We finished getting caught up on Raising Hope, and we're starting S4 of Psych. My garage-biking show of choice is still Six Feet Under, where I'm in early S3. It'll all fall apart next week, when the regular TV season picks back up again.

And in other news, I'm ratholing down pretty much everything at Hyperbole And A Half, because I am late to the party as always and that sh*t is funny.

ETA: Crap! What happened to today's 54o high? It's forty-two freakin' degrees out right now! *sigh* Guess I'm leaving early and biking in the garage...