December 1st, 2010

Xmas Penguin

Stuff I Want...

Fandom-wise, I'd really love a new banner for my "Other Fanfiction" page, because my fandoms have... shifted. That is, I still need Die Hard 4 and J2 slashiness, but I also need Tony/Rhodey slashiness (Iron Man), Fringe, White Collar, and Chuck. I didn't post it up at insmallpackages, though, because it's a me-specific request and that wasn't allowed. :(

Random PSA: You can now claim gift-requests to grant at insmallpackages, though, even if you didn't submit requests of your own. Go over and see whose dream you can fulfill!

Other non-fannish stuff I want the Universe At Large to make available (and I don't think these are unreasonable):
  • Yarn samplers. You know, the yarn version of embroidery-thread samplers. This is because I had a needlepoint Christmas gift in mind for both my sisters, but I don't need whole skeins of yarn! I need maybe 3 yards of two main colors, and about 1 yard each of the rest. I've been to three craft stores, and no-one sells that. Why? *is frustrated*

  • Shirts that are not see-through! Seriously! I understand that some people like layering, but I want to be able to still wear those shirts when that goes out of style. Now I have to return some stuff to Target. :(

  • A small Men's red terrycloth bathrobe that doesn't cost a bazillion dollars. Honestly, the choices are plaid flannel (yuck) and the rare terrycloth robe in ugly colors. This would be for Christopher, and this is the 3rd year in a row I've looked for this.

  • And those are some of the less ranty requests, as opposed to 'Have the BCS stop discriminating against the U of O (and non-SEC/non-Big 10 teams in general)' or 'Have a cable channel pick up Reaper and Pushing Daisies'. ;)

    Thanksgiving offered a much-needed break. I didn't do as much around the house as I'd planned, but I did do some Christmas shopping (Cost Plus Imports on Friday afternoon—I love going there during Christmas season—and a Target/Walmart/Michael's on Sunday). I decided to make jewelry for my two nieces, and I have necklace/earring stuff, so I'll visit U Bead It this weekend. The grownups are always the hardest (we've crept up from the token gifts a little), and I do the shopping for both sides of the family (my husband has 3 sibs, I have 4 but only do shopping for two of them).

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    And I know I missed some LJ birthdays, so I'll be going around and pinging people. Look out!