November 23rd, 2010


I Don't Sleep, I Dream...

Ugh. Remember that period over a year ago where my shoulder was always sore and stiff because of something I was doing in my sleep? Looks like I'm doing it again, to the other shoulder. :(

I mentioned yesterday that I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately. Just enough, apparently, for shoulder torture and some very strange dreams:

Last week: Rampant sex-drive dream featuring a lucky encounter with a Patrick Stewart lookalike (\o/). Also some incompetent flying. You know—Whoops, too high, and Dang, you overshot the turn again!
Saturday night: A return to high school (probably thanks to that stupid movie we watched!), and a P.E. class that involved running around approximately 6 city blocks, which eventually became an indoor steeplechase with lots of stairs and a stopover in a room where you had to lift the floorboards and search underneath for illegal weapons while British soldiers watched. I found weapons in my part of the floor, which led to more running! Run away! All through a multifloored educational building. Oy.
Last night: World's strangest interactive television show/puzzle, where you can unlock parts of the story in real-time but only in adjacent areas of the map and during the 60-minute network hour. Later, I fretted over my crappy and disorganized garden (including dreaming about the old house, where the dream-garden is usually 3-4 lots wide and neglected and sometimes has a river or a transportation causeway is running through it). I also fixed a flat bicycle tire (in detail, as if I needed any reminders of what that's like).

Maybe this is why I've had a headache all morning...