November 18th, 2010


Any day that starts with a stab-it-yourself medical test...

can only get better, right?

This is for a cholesterol/diabetes check, which I don't personally need (but will save me health care $$). I guess it beats driving to the lab and getting numerous vials of blood drawn. *is woozy*

My DVR also opted not to record "Chuck" on Monday, so I can see I'm going to have to investigate farther. And probably chuck (heh) the DVD. This stupid machine lets you delete and record over and over, but I think it gets to the point where it trashes the disk. It doesn't tell you that, of course, until you turn the machine on later to see what happened with your recording. "! Check" it says. Check what? Whenever I see THAT message, the machine screwed up the recording. I swear this goes on:

Me: *presses delete-show button*
Machine: *corrupts disk* *Will decide only during future recording phase to hate disk*

So prior to L&O: SVU (which was very good), we watched more of the Terriers episodes that tsuki_no_bara was hooking people up with at Wincon. It's a very cute show, actually, although there are no actual terriers in it. And given the semi-feckless nature of the two leads, I don't think that title is metaphor either. ;) I like Donal Logue's character in this a lot, and he has great chemistry with the other lead. Plus, Rockmond Dunbar has a job again, and he's awesome!

Tonight: Fringe, and a no-doubt-failed recording of my two CBS shows. *kicks machine*

My cold is lingering. More stuffiness now, and I cut my bike ride short yesterday (too tired). I'd planned to ride again today (if I'm up to it), because raaaaain is looming through the weekend. Just in time for the kids' final soccer games of the year. :0

ETA: Voting is now open at usanetwork_las, fox_las, and nbc_las. Check out the stories!


Say what?

I'm reading a new food-porn mystery at the gym. This installment includes the main character describing her husband as having a "mountain man build" and "jauntily parted hair".

What the heck is a "mountain man build?" I can envision mountain-man facial hair (unkempt beard) and clothing, sure, but I don't believe there's a stereotypical build associated with that. Does the husband have ravines? Is he shaped like a log cabin?

And how can hair be "jauntily" parted? Does the part dance perkily across the person's head? Does it do the parade-wave? What?

Also, on an entirely different note, why is it that men using the weight room cannot seem to count reps in their heads? Not all men, but I've never heard a woman do it. And it's annoying:

Me: *sixteen* *seventeen*
Dude: "Hun!... Hoo!... Hree!... Hor!..."
Me: *?!?* *Damnit!*