November 17th, 2010



So, I've finally finished all three of my Last Author Standing fics for this round. That means I can start in on the birthday drabbles for my peeps tonight!

I haven't won any of the rounds of the three LAS comms I'm in, though I was hoping the White Collar Mozzie & Neal extravaganza last week would do it. :( I also wish more people would read last week's Fringe fic. Walter lovers, where are you? Oh, but the tiny fandoms are tiny!

On Saturday, HSH and I watched The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. We'd skipped it in the theaters, thinking it would be too gory. It was. Great visuals and style other than the gore, but I really freakin' hate grossness and gore. I don't think I mentioned that we also finally watched Mr. And Mrs. Smith on DVD. Dull, dull, dull. I fast-forwarded through a lot of the last part of it.

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My DVR continues its problems with random deprogramming, and it missed Shit My Dad Says and The Mentalist AGAIN. I think it picks those two because they're not available online via Hulu. *grumps* Thank goodness for Torrent...

What's everyone up to, those of you who aren't wall-to-wall on NaNoWriMo? I'm trying to shed a cold (stayed home from work on Monday for the first time in years), and make further headway in Cleaning All The Things. Whee!