October 11th, 2010



During today's (windy, smoky) bike ride, I encountered a group of what I assumed were hawks circling overhead. No—these birds had black wings and evil lumpy red faces instead. Vultures! Yuck. Go haunt someone else. :0

We went to Apple Hill yesterday. I'd been off sugar for about 12 days (trying to lose a few pounds so I'll be no chubbier at Wincon than last year). I had some of the fresh-baked cinnamon&sugar apple donuts and some of my husband's apple fritter, which was okay until things got out of hand late in the evening. Candy corn has been pwning me again, which is part of sugar-free effort. We had a great time (the kids were in donut and cider heaven), and it wasn't too warm until late in the day. I bought Gravensteins from the one place that ever has them, and it was hard to stop putting one beautiful specimen after the other into the bag. We lived on a farm until I was six, and I'd go out to the orchard and just eat Gravensteins off the tree until I was full. Ah, memories!

HSH and I had a date on Saturday, and saw The Town. Good movie, good cast. Who knew Ben Affleck had consistent talent as a writer and director? Not as good a movie as Gone, Baby, Gone, but few movies are.

Our family movie night featured the Steve Martin (or as I like to think of it, the Tom Welling) version of Cheaper By The Dozen. Funny how I find certain types of movies more aggravating than funny. Movies about "Oh, that darn misbehaving dog!" or "Oh, those little devils!" cause me stress. I get frustrated with whatever moron is supposed to have taught their pets/kids to behave. This one featured a family of (for the most part) selfish, bratty kids. Also, the mother comes back from an extended business trip (the first time she's ever had such a thing), and proceeds to lay into the dad about letting things get so out of control. Hah! They weren't that much better when she was home! Methinks that during her absence was not the first time those kids should have been introduced to the concept of "being grounded." Oy.

Still behind on Chuck and The Mentalist, which might also be true a week from now since I'll be at Wincon all weekend. Yayyyyy!