October 6th, 2010

Laundromat Reaper

Bake this, baby...

I've been perusing a list of low-calorie pumpkin treats (mainly muffins and bread) so long that the word pumpkin now looks silly to me. Pump? Kin? What's that all about? Sounds like an incestuous act (!)

My bike ride was near the office today. Someone let cattle into a field along my route about a month ago (they show up seasonally). This herd has a handful of horned cattle, which I don't understand at all. Seems like you'd want ALL horned or NONE horned. How are those Holsteins and other cattle supposed to protect themselves?

Last night's Collapse )

I was up late finishing my story for usanetwork_las again, and can now return to some other writing for a while. I've also signed up for fox_las and nbc_las, and (pimpity!) there are many others for those of you who are interested in a challenge. Click any one of those links and enter the comm-- the left-hand side will show the other challenge opportunities.

Tonight's the L&O blowout again, isn't it? Great episode last week for SVU. The LA show hasn't grabbed me yet, but we'll see. Meanwhile, all the stuff I haven't seen yet (the shows in conflicting timeslots) keeps piling up on the DVR. Did anyone see last week's ep of The Mentalist? My DVR decided it hated the disk mid-recording, so I got nothing, and CBS doesn't have web showings of the entire episode. Is it worth the effort to Torrent it?