October 1st, 2010


Too soon?

It's my birthday month, and Halloween month! Crossing over into October would be all the excuse I need to put up the Halloween decorations, except that the weather needs to cool off first. This sudden 95-100o heat wave kind of subverts the mood. Also, the house is getting painted next week, so I suppose I should wait. Hrmph.

Today's bike ride kind of sucked. I don't usually notice bad air days, but jeez. I was out of breath in the first mile, and cut the ride short about 5 miles before I'd intended to. What a battle. Kind of like the office Fun Run we had a week ago, where everything's in the full sun and surrounded by pavement. I stopped five times during that run, though I did eventually finish. With a lameass speed of nearly 10 minutes per mile. That 3-mile run felt like my regular 4-mile run. :0

I'll be watching you-know-what tonight, and maybe also the premiere of Chuck courtesy of the DVR (we're a little behind). Which brings this to mind:

Poll #1626553 Fandom Bidness

Wincon is in two weeks!

I'll be there!
Who in the what now?
Damn, why you gotta bring that up every year. :(

ETA: With the number of audio dropouts in tonight's SPN, and the various frozen/broken-up feeds on other shows over the last couple of weeks... boy, I sure see how that shift to digital was totally an improvement! Not.