September 16th, 2010


Removing my off-calendar confusion...

AAAAARRRRR! Matey. (apparently, that hasn't happened yet! Oops)

Am I caught up on White Collar? I think Hulu has the latest episode, and we're in hiatus now, and I can't imagine the mid-season would end at 2x09. So, probably yes.

We're creeping through Psych on DVD. Finished S3 last night, so onto S4. We finished Life, and I don't recall all the story threads being tied up so completely when the show first aired, but that could be because I missed S1. And yeah, an S3 would have been nice...

Garret Dillahunt really rocked the socks off of Roman in that show. The guy has been very busy (Terminator:SCC, Burn Notice, No Country For Old Men), but I never found him sexy until his role in Life. Roman is a sociopathic Russian crime lord (Dillahunt did a great job with the mannerisms of the character, I thought). He's beefy, he's hairy-chested (totally not my thing!), and yet the hormones rise up to salute him every time he's onscreen. It's mystifying.

Last week, I found myself tooling around at looking for Not!NathanFillion. He was in an episode of Life (the same year he was on 24 and also played Gillian's husband on Lie To Me). There are some actors/actresses whose names I canNOT remember, and who will always be Not!SomebodyElse to me. For instance, Not!AlanRuck who was in Dark Angel, and Not!ZooeyDeschanel (on White Collar a few weeks back, and the picture there doesn't do her justice).

Speaking of Lie To Me, I wish I were enjoying this season more. S1's weakness was that the B-plot took up as much time as the A-plot, but was far less interesting. I missed several episodes of early S2, and that doesn't help. I liked S1 Torres much better (the most interesting character after Cal), and I'm oddly irritated that Gillian's idea of business attire is still cocktail dresses. She looks great, but it's just... weird. Cal, meanwhile, is still that mixture of smart, abrasive, cocky, unpredictable, and charming that only Tim Roth could pull off so well. Other than Hugh Laurie. ;)

I haven't said much about SPN, and it's because I wasn't happy with S5 and I fear S6. So many people are all asquee about it that I'm keeping mum and being glad that they're so happy. I remember what that was like.

A bunch of people mentioned Hawaii-5-0 yesterday as a show they're looking forward to, so I'll be giving that a try. And seeing if Hulu carries Terriers, which looks intriguing. :)

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The women's locker room across from the office gym smells like burned toast. Still pondering how and why.

I'm scatterbrained today, which led to wasting time reading Book-A-Minute and Movie-A-Minute summaries. The Usual Suspects and The Films Of David Lynch were perfect, as were The Nancy Drew Series, The Cat In The Hat, and Othello. ;)

I'll also be posting up a Die Hard 4 John/Matt story later, as soon as I can find a title for the darned thing. Stay tuned...

John/Matt Love

Die Hard Slash Fiction: "Aftershocks" (John/Matt, PG-13)

Title: Aftershocks
Fandom: Die Hard 4
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: John/Matt (Slash)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Matt tried to adjust to living on his own, but it seemed like something was missing.
Author's Notes: A very late birthday present for huntress69—started on time, but very slow to finish! Hope it brightens your world a bit. :)
Also for schmoop_bingo, this is "First Date".


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