September 15th, 2010


Happy Birthday, Selu and fairyd123!

I hope you're having a wonderful day, maerhys47 and fairyd123, full of sunshine and happiness! If I can drabble you up something special, please let me know in the comments below. :)


So, people at large... any of you over 35 or so (or WAY over, like me)? Have you found that as you've gotten older, your back just wants to sieze up once in awhile?

Saturday was like that for me. I held off the actual locking-up part, but my back's been waking me up the last few nights because the bed makes it hurt. And the older I get, the more prone my back is to punishing me for reaching out too far, or staying bent over too long (yardwork!)

But there are also times like this weekend where I'm not doing anything and I haven't for days, and it still wants to lock up. What is that all about? Any why is it so persistent? :(

I've got a story or two to finish this week(if I could stay awake!). We haven't entered the major network TV season yet, so I'm not tied to nightly viewing. In fact, I've lost a few more beloved shows (24 among them) and a few others continue into areas that I've been less-than-happy with. There are new network (non-cable) shows coming down the pike, but most of them have gotten mixed reviews. This is where you can help!

Poll #1619252 New 2010 Network TV Shows

The new network shows I'm looking forward to this fall are...

I tend to like

Prime-Time Soap Operas
Sci-Fi shows
Quirky shows that don't fit into just one box

And by the way... (sure, what's on your mind?)