September 14th, 2010


And A Weaponized Pumpkin Or Three...

Fast-rewind back through the weekend...

The kids had their first soccer games on Saturday. Both of their teams won (and Christopher scored a goal). I was less sure about the outcome of Lauren's game, being that we were on the shady side of the field (away from the rest of the team) and things like offsides calls aren't always relayed over. Mainly, I was distracted by the fifty minute first half (after the game started fairly late), followed by the thirty-minute second half. Did neither of the refs have watches?

Between games, I took Lauren across town to my hairdresser for an actual haircut. Lauren got the 8 inches she wanted to donate cut off, and selected a style she thought would be good. The results were wonderful, which I hope she believes by now, because the rest of the day featured 'haircut remorse,' as in 'No one in the history of time itself has ever had hair this short...' Or something.

Sunday, I went up on the roof to cut branches back and put poison into any rodent access spots. I dread the roof (fear of heights and vertigo), even though it wasn't that bad—and wasn't when I did this a year ago, either. But I can't get past the first experience (about 6 or 7 years ago), when I had to seal up all the areas below the metal 'V' flashing to keep future yellow jackets from getting in there to build nests. I was forced to go right up to the edge of the roof in about 8 spots, on both roof levels. On the very top of the house (above the 2nd story) there's nothing to hang onto and no illusion that you're not really high up and exposed.

After cutting branches back and chucking them off the roof like spears (which was fun!), I swept debris for about 2 hours (I saw leaves/dirt/moss in one spot, and my burst-compulsion cleaning got out of hand). I found at least one new mouse/rathole and put poison in that and sealed it up. Also put poison in the hole from last year. In sweeping, I found some thin spots where the tarpaper was exposed (there was a dead mouse's eye looking at me from one of them—I yelled). I only had one spare metal plate and a thin piece of wood to block those off, but there are several other places that need work before the rains come. HSH looked for more plates at a few hardware stores, but no luck. He'll try Home Depot next. The closest description I could find for those things on the Interwebs was "metal shims." drvsilla would probably know if there's a better name for them.

We're having the house painted this year, and won't think about replacing the roof until next year (especially since the painters will be stomping on it). Parts of it are a little more dire-looking than I'd thought, and god knows what's happening on the very top. Not going up there to look. :(

I can't believe Wincon is coming up in a month, and I'm wondering who else is going. Anyone I haven't seen since L.A., perhaps? People who didn't make it to Denver last year (since I didn't make it to Baltimore)? I don't know what the multi-fandom thing will be like, and I fear some of my friends won't be able to make it this year. But mainly, I'm hoping that winter does not arrive in Chicago until sometime after that weekend. :0