September 10th, 2010


And other stuff...

Does anyone know where I might locate a download of SPN 5x15? I seem to have accidentally deleted an episode, and I'm pretty sure it's that one. :(

We're finishing up S2 of Life on DVD. I don't know what TPTB were thinking, but the second half of the season goes very wrong when Charlie and Reese are separated all the time. Why did they do that? It thwarts the parts of the show that really worked. :( On the bizarre side, I realize now that I watched 2x03/2x04 onward when the show first aired. All of these later S2 episodes are really familiar! At least now I have some context for them. ;)

I forgot to mention that we also watched Down With Love last weekend, courtesy of a library loan. The 60s clothing fads are eye-poppingly painful at times (on purpose!), while some of the background decor is really striking. I must admit, I wasn't much interested in the romantic story arc of the Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor characters. It was the David Hyde Pierce/Sarah Paulson thing that kept me going instead!

For Ewan... I posted a few days ago about personal aesthetics and such, and I guess I can objectively say that he's good-looking, but he really doesn't 'grab' me. He's kind of boy-next-door good-looking (ordinary). And yet, I know there are people who find him ravishing! Well, Velvet Goldmine, sure—I can see that. But in the main... no.

He is one of the few attractive red-haired men around. There's Eric Stolz (the handsome side of ordinary, in my book), and Simon Baker (whom I think of as having light red hair instead of blond hair, and Simon is the cat's meow). Can't think of any others. There are tons of pretty red-haired women (including fake redheads who have the skin tones to be the real deal, and you'd swear they were). But among men, it seems somewhat... accursed.

Don't flog me, these are just my opinions! I'm sure there are lots of red-haired men that other people love, but that I probably find 'meh.'

I updated a bunch of my fic pages last night. This weekend: soccer, haircuts for the kids, and (I swear it will be done) climbing around on the roof to get rid of overhanging branches and put poison in the eaves, because things are skittering around between the floors of the house! Yikes. :(

What will all of you be up to? Adventures? Bonfires? Sewing Halloween costumes?