September 8th, 2010


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I really need to gather up a "What I wrote in..." list, because I think I'm 2-3 months behind, and it's already the 8th! *piratical muttering*

So, peeps and pops, I have a question: have any of you ever gotten a tongue cramp? I ask because my husband gets them (random cramps in general) because of a genetic neurological condition, and I have never heard anyone else mention those... until Lauren complained about them this weekend. So, do other people get these and I just never knew? Or could it it be a sign she has the same condition HSH has? This condition limits athletic abilities, BTW, and can only be confirmed via muscle biopsy-- not something we'd ever put her through. :(

I did a lot of chores this weekend, making no inroads on anything new. Boo. We did see The American, and really enjoyed it. George Clooney looked fantastic (HSH said he was "gorgeous," and he's never said that about any man before), and it was an interesting, broody role for him. We watched POTC with the kids, and even after saying it several times it still took forever for them to register that the movie is based on the Disney ride, and not the other way around. o_O

I also finally watched Collapse )

In other news, I've signed up for Last Author Standing: both hboshowtime_las (thanks to rosie_spleen, and then also usanetwork_las (once I realized I should have picked that one instead). And god help me, fox_las is tugging on my leash, because House! 24! John Doe! All of the LAS comms could use more authors, BTW.

And also? I belong to 5_prompts, which has a bunch of different prompt tables to choose from. You can do any fandom in any combination (I'm doing roving-fandom with one Original Fic for mine). There are some great inspirations for writing available there, AND I would love to see some variety in the stories instead of just a bazillionty Torchwood/Doctor Who fics and little else.

/pimpage. Where does the time go?