September 2nd, 2010

Psycho Penguin

Make it go away...

It's just stupid-hot here right now, and today's bike ride was fairly miserable. I hate biking near my office anymore. There's no shade, and it's also about 3-7 degrees hotter than near my house. Double-fail. :(

On the topic of the LJ Privacy Fail and how to circumvent it, important info below the cut: Collapse )

Guest bunny update: both cats (including The Whale) are already afraid of our own dwarf bunny (because—get this—he hops over and smells them). The Whale apparently finds having two bunnies intolerable—he's asked to go out at bedtime instead of into the laundry room since Bunny #2 arrived. The Whale is a little over 2 feet long and about 20 lbs. He could eat both bunnies and hardly feel it. *eyeroll*

We're watching S3 of Psych right now (trying to finish it before Fall TV starts). After S1, the show got funnier but they also made Shawn randomly stupid. I don't really understand why, any more than I understand the random homophobia of both main characters. Love the pineapples, though, and Corbin Bernsen playing a crank.

We're mid-S2 of Life, and hitting the episodes I actually saw when they first aired. I have some real issues with S2. Collapse )

We're a few episodes behind on both Burn Notice and White Collar (watching via Hulu). Matt Bohmer is as pretty as ever. In early S2, I thought he looked a little too skinny (his pants hung badly), but we just saw an ep with full-shirtless Matt and he was drool-worthy. So now I don't know. For Burn Notice, we're in S4 and I keep hoping Fiona will put on some weight and wear real shoes (at least during missions), so she'll actually look capable of doing the things she does. But no—instead, she doubled-up the eye makeup. Why?

Did I mention that we mainlined S4 of Doc Martin a couple of weekends ago? Only 8 episodes, unfortunately, but worth it. How such a smart man can be so insistently stupid is always a source of amusement. ;)

On another topic... I'm looking over the flights to Chicago for wincon and trying to make a decision. My best price/time/setup combo is a mixture of airline services that would arrive at Midway and then leave from O'Hare. :0