August 26th, 2010

Psycho Penguin

Whoops, slipped off the edge again...

I really AM falling off the planet every weekend (and staying there for most of the week). Well, this last weekend was Christopher's birthday party, and then Sunday was getting stuff ready for the kids to return to school and imaginging that I'd get some writing done while HSH took the kids to spend birthday money. 45 minutes later... not so much. :(

The news from HalfshellHusband's doctor last week is that he thinks the mass in HSH's 'breast' tissue is an infection and not cancer, and that he'll review the MRI records and images and see if anything there concerns him (it didn't before). HSH was sick all last week, mostly fatiqued and nauseated like he was during the chemo. No fever, though-- the possibility of an infection prompted me to keep an eye on that. Both his mother and older sister had cellulitus at various times (fatty-tissue infection), and I'm always on alert for that.

We're having a heat-wave (NO idea why-- just for the middle of the week), and I'm about to go out on a too-warm ride. So much for running mid-week to make up for my bombed-out Sunday run. We had an unexpected visit from my out-of-town SIL on Sunday, so I didn't run in the morning. By evening, it was hot and I felt like I was lugging nearly 10 lbs. more than the previous week. Maybe I was. I've had way too much birthday cake and frosting (*Ggggglaaaghhhh*) in the last couple of weeks. :0

I've got the kids' birthday cake pix uploaded now. Lauren's wasn't TOO boring (ice cream cone theme, in a pop-art color scheme). Christopher's was a monster cake. Collapse )

So now that it's Thursday again already... will I ever get my birthday ficlets finished that I intended to do last weekend? One's at least half-done, but dragging its feet. Must kick the mojo back into "on" position-- it's been rather fallow this week.