May 26th, 2010

Psycho Penguin

I Know I Put That Thing Somewhere...

Another bout of absenteeism struck, mainly shaped like this: We're going to Hawaii on Friday (yay!) => My sister-in-law is coming to stay with the kids for a week => Dear god, the house is disorganized, the bathroom and home office are a disgrace, and my slash books need to be hidden. Commence cleaning! => WTF is that thing on my computer toolbar? Is that a virus? Die. DIE. NOOOOoooooo! => Office flail and massive time wasted over reclaiming PC from virus. => Season finales on TV! Meanwhile, I still haven't packed. => Christopher has a band concert? When I was planning on clothes-shopping? Nuts. And now my ears are broken. => What do you mean, it's Wednesday already? !!!

*koff* So, Hi. I'm trying to get work battened down, still have to shop (the plan from January to lose 15-20 lbs. so I could fit into more of my clothes did not go as desired), and I have a million things to do that probably are going to fall on the floor instead and flop around like dying fish.

But! I haven't forgotten the ficlets I'd promised to some of you. They're on the list, and they will get written. Might be after I get back, but they won't be forgotten.

Meanwhile, here's some good stuff to share, before I go. First, badboy_fangirl had her own ficlet meme going, and I requested Glee Finn/Kurt "B is for Boycrush." And she delivered!. *confetti* Also, from the random Interwebs of humor (mainly The Huffington Post), I'm sure you've seen the Little Kid Photobombs and the Animal Photobombs, but how about the The Funniest Kids' Test Answers? Whoever gave the sexist answer needs an attitude adjustment, but some of those pieces of desperation (surprise!Elephants, and the illustrated Beer-Lambert law) are priceless. :D