May 18th, 2010

Psycho Penguin

And we're back

We had a great time in Yosemite (with about 1/2 of Christopher's class), apart from our moments of Epic Parental Failure. First, we let Christopher ride down with a classmate but left so late ourselves that we hit rush hour traffic and then got to the winding part of the route after dark. We arrived around 10:30 (!), spent 1/2 hour wandering through the dark trying to figure out the &%^$&#!! Curry Village geography, and located Christopher at 11:00, with everyone already in bed. He was freezing, though, so he came back to our tent. No, we didn't have the friend's Dad's cellphone number—we're just that awesome. *headdesk* Saturday featured a failed hike, wherein I went back to the tent to get sunblock and dump off Christopher's winter coat and 10 lb. backpack, and returned to find the group gone. HalfshellHusband had the basic destination, but we missed the crucial bridge over the Merced River and could only glimpse the group in an unreachable meadow along the way. HSH bailed due to his hip, I crossed the river over a mile farther up, and still didn't locate the group—even after waiting at Yosemite Falls for awhile and then taking their route back. Turns out they took a detour into the Spider Caves and disappeared. But meanwhile, both our children were parentless, with the group of other more responsible parents (and one family bought Christopher lunch). *sigh* Not our best work, you know?

The weather was gorgeous, the falls spectacular (and Mirror Lake actually had water!), and our tent cabin was heated. Oh, people. I've only ever backpacked and car-camped before, and camping in a cabin with beds and heat (near bathrooms with soap and showers) was undreamed-of luxury.

Now I'm behind on everything else, thanks to flailing around to get ready on Friday, being gone all weekend, and then trying to resettle everything. We're a week or two behind on several TV episodes (including Chuck, Fringe, and Glee), but I've gotten caught up with my f-list again. A number of you have been having big health issues, money issues, or lost friends and family recently, and I'm just so sorry. *hugs you all*

Probably not going to post much about the SPN finale (summary: No thanks). Can't get too spoilery about House, but I'll say that I really liked the last two episodes, and the return-casting in them. I still don't buy Collapse ) but whatever. I also think Chuck woefully underused the comedic capacity of Fred Willard. God, will I be forced to re-watch Back To You episodes just for his snippets? So funny, with so little actual material.

Christopher appears to be writing fanfiction, based on the Star Wars books (those set after the Ewok movie). He spent most of yesterday's run talking my ear off about his plot and character motivations. o_O On the other hand, I gave plot suggestions, so what does that make me? Evil, sneaky fanfic enabler that I am.

Happy Hedgie

So much random I had to make a second post...

First, I saw someone wearing this shirt at Yosemite, and I might actually have to buy one. Click the close-up of the text. Nerd humor rulz!

Second, a friend sent me a video link that's too cute not to share: Kitty playing with an iPad.

Last night, I dreamed that I persuaded clex_monkie89 to write a story about her (our?) adventures on Survivor. She did, but was disappointed by the turnout at the book-signing in her apartment. Later, my "character" was played by Catharine Keener, and an evil caroussel appeared with Trip and Malcom from Star Trek: Enterprise trapped on it. Yes, the whole dream was a giant WTF. Most of them are. o_O

I'm trying to finish up some reading (like, ANY of the books I'm currently working on). I'm one gym session away from completing How To Paint A Dead Man, a few chapters from the conclusion of Overlook (a Michael Connelly mystery novel, featuring Harry Bosch), and woefully far from the end of The Four Corners Of The Sky. With that last one, the author described it as a "romance" in his foreword, but I'm hoping he didn't mean the romance genre. No signs of it so far. I was hoping the main character would be a black, female pilot. One out of two isn't bad, but still.

I HAVE finished Everlost and Everwild by Neal Shusterman, and am looking forward to the final novel. The author likes inversion in his fantasy writing- I also read Downsiders, which involves an entire society below the surface of New York City made of up of people who have some interesting notions about the Topside and what goes on there (the sun will burn the skin off your body!) Previously, I'd read two comedies by him that are equal parts pathos: The Schwa Was Here and Antsy Does Time. I liked them so much that I reviewed them for, because I wasn't sure other people would find their way to them. Speaking of which, I have GOT to finish off Gator A-Go-Go and review that, because it was a VINEs book.

So many books, so little time! And that's before the whole fanfic territory that I'm so behind on...