May 12th, 2010

Laundromat Reaper

In The Garden Of Absent Trees...

Boy, our house looks weird without those trees. I can't get used to it, and everytime I drive up I get depressed all over again.

Saw last night's V, and remembered why the conclusion from the prior week left me with my mouth hanging open. We're halfway through last week's Fringe (hope to finish before this week's episode), and creeping through S1 Psych on DVD. I could swear Baby!Sammy was in the Spelling Bee episode, and I can't believe they got rid of House's Amber after the Pilot. Meh.

Thanks to Monday's rain, I re-watched more of S1 Dead Like Me. I don't understand why "Nighthawks" had so much clip-filler from other episodes. Was that when the show's creator hung up his hat? Because the other parts of the episode (self-evaluations! Kibbutzing with Kiffany!) were great.

I also found myself wondering for the bazillionth time whether there is only ONE cabin near a lake that's available for filming in all of Vancouver. Not only was it George's family-vacation cabin, but it was also the "Dead In The Water" cabin from SPN, and the lake (but not the cabin) appeared in Smallville. Dudes... mix it up better, seriously.

Now a question of ultimate importance: why has no one uploaded the "Blarfingar" skit from Betty White's SNL appearance yet? I've searched YouTube and the Internet as a whole, but haven't found it. HalfshellHusband needs to see that (I showed him the "Wizard of Ass" skit last night).