March 7th, 2010

White Collar- Neal & Peter

Caveat Emptor...

We went out to our first movie in ages, which was the interesting and enjoyable The Ghost Writer, and all was well until the end-credits came up as "Directed by Roman Polanski." C.R.A.P! We would've boycotted the movie if we'd known, but the local paper had no review—just 4 stars and a plot-blurb. Now I feel complicit and dirty. :( Should've spent the evening watching Tracy Morgan wear a phone suit in a Bruce Willis movie instead.

Spread the word, please.


I mentioned that I was going to rec a couple of good White Collar fics I read last night. There was a Valentine's Day exchange at whitecollarfic, and I'm still skimming through the output from that and from various kink challenges. Unfortunately, I'm pretty vanilla, so I don't go much for spanking/bondage or D/s or threesomes (there's more Peter/El/Neal stories than slash or Het, by far). But I enjoyed all three of the following:

  • Nightmares (Gen, PG-13) by hoosierbitch. This is classic hurt/comfort with a gorgeous structure, linked together by the dreams Neal began with and the nightmares he has left, told in a poetry that makes the structure all the more powerful. When Neal was seven and cold and hungry he dreamed that he could fly.

  • A Mile Away And Wearing Your Shoes (Peter/Neal/El, R) by black_eyedgirl. Bodyswap with great characterization and pathos, and the eventual threesome is non-explicit. This kind of story reminds you of why "bodyswap" is a popular fandom trope—when it works, it's absolutely worth it.

  • You would wish long and long to be with him (Peter/Neal, PG-13)
    by thosewerepearls. The subject matter is edgier here, chasing the threads of desire crossing into pain and possession, but so captivating, and god—the use of language. Perfect example of how things can be clearer in abstraction than in detailed overdescription.

  • If you enjoy these, please remember to give the authors some love!