March 6th, 2010

Psycho Penguin

I Swear It Will Be Done...

I should be in bed, but I got waylaid by a couple of really good White Collar fics that I need to rec tomorrow, and I thought I'd mention last night's bizarro dream.

We have major basketball this weekend, with one game on Saturday for Lauren and then two games apiece for the kids on Sunday. The junior-NBA league they're in compacted the schedule so that the finale games could be played in our local NBA team's arena. This weekend is the end of regular season play (Lauren's team is guaranteed the finals), and then next weekend is playoffs (Christopher's team only, unless they beat everyone on Sunday and get an automatic finals seat).

So last night's dream? Playing basketball in some inter-office league with my co-workers, in a venue where there was a single basket and the floor was built into a stage and had stairs. Ankle-breaking territory! I was worried that my dribbling was not up to snuff, and that the basket was too high, which at least is a totally different variety of "incompetence" dream than I usually have. The carpeted floor and the half-deflated practice balls weren't much help...

So when will I have time to update my fic pages, some of which are almost a year behind? And I have stories to finish and new things to write-- will that happen? Or will I be frittering the weekend away on chores and watching the kids' games, and then dinking around on LJ late at night?

I think I managed 5-6 sentences on a Chuck/Casey story tonight, after checking in code at 11pm (slow builds today). Earlier, we watched White Collar on Hulu, and then got sucked into a documentary-thingy Robert Downey Jr. made on politics. He looks like a baby in this movie (@1992), and it's so sad watching his Dad talk about giving the kids pot and then saying "But he turned out okay!" when you know that RDJ was NOT okay and that he was headed for a crash that nearly finished him. *sigh* Disinterested and laissez-faire parents piss me off. It's just a different kind of abuse, even when it's unintentional.