March 3rd, 2010


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I'm rewatching Dead Like Me in the garage while biking on rainy days. I'd forgotten that the Pilot had so much sadness in it, and that the show de-gayed George's Dad's affair later and reworked how people became Reapers and when they were "done." Still, what an immensely creative show!

L&O: SVU—whoo! Beecher and Keller reunited and kissing-close! I think my head almost exploded there for a moment... That's better than the episode in the previous hour. Collapse )

I don't quite know what to think of Chuck this season. It's moving away from the elements of the show that I liked, including Chuck's innocence and the antics at the Buy More. Collapse )

Did I mention that we watched The Asylum's verion of Sherlock Holmes? After that article in Wired, we couldn't resist seeing how they were going to tie those crazy plot elements together. Surprisingly, the dialogue was fairly good, and the writers actually managed to make sense of their wacky story. Next up, Snakes On A Train.

Speaking of Wired, this product-testing review just cracked me up. Good thing most of us don't go camping in the jungle. :0