February 22nd, 2010


Over already?

The weekends go by too quickly, even when we don't have the kids' sports-stuff going.

Saturday, Lauren and I delivered Girl Scout cookies in between her going to a bat mitzvah/luncheon for a friend and the evening party. I ran out of biking time and went running instead, with Christopher scootering along beside me and chattering away.

Sunday always goes even faster. I did laundry and cleanup, and biked in the garage. Finished the last season of Queer As Folk on DVD, where they lobotomized Brian and brought Mel to the brink of insufferability before yanking her back. Meanwhile, Rosie O'Donnell cameo'd (really good performance, I thought), and I learned that the show's creators don't believe in bisexuality. Huh.

We're watching S1 of The Riches, and saw the first disc from S3 of Doc Martin (or "Märtin," as Louisa pronounces it, though he probably calls her Louiser, so fair is fair).

At bedtime, I'm reading The Secret Garden to Christopher (and boggling at some of the vocabulary). He went off on a surprising detour after Mrs. Medlock said that Mary ought to have a governess:

Christopher: I just don't get that! In all of these books, these rich people are sending their kids off to a governess. Why do they think she has time for that? She's busy! I mean, what IS a governess, anyway?
Me: It's sort of like a nanny, except sometimes she teaches.
Christopher: OH...

It turns out that Christopher thought a governess was either a female governer, or a governor's wife, but either way she would NOT have time for dealing with other people's random children. And I can totally see why he thought that's what that word meant!

Just now, I downloaded the lyrics to Woodstock on a whim. Talk about mis-hearing. Collapse )

Tomorrow, it's back to the grind of deciphering how to program vaguely-documented ASICs, and I have to round up documents that prove I'm a U.S. citizen. Seriously. The company is making ALL of us go through this for Homeland Security, even though these same documents are a precursor to getting a Social Security Number and a California Drivers' License, so at age 46 this seems incredibly stupid and an obnoxious waste of time. WhatEVer...