January 26th, 2010


Some Good News Finally...

For those of you who have been following the saga of HalfshellHusband's cancer, we finally got some good news:

His MRI scan results came back, and the bone marrow (where the lymphoma was) is cancer-free! \o/

We're hugely relieved that he's considered cured, and after some radiation therapy over the next few months he'll be done. That shouldn't be anywhere near as bad as the chemo treatment, so he can start doing the things he wants to do soon, without the constant threat of nausea or exhaustion.

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes and support through all of this. It has helped more than you know.

In less momentous news, Christopher got his cast off about 2 1/2 weeks ago. He still missed his team's opening basketball game (his wrist was so stiff at first, and his whole arm was weak). He missed the following week's game too, because his class was driving to Yosemite for their 5-day trip (the one that was supposed to happen in October). He had a great time in Yosemite, and after the first day it was all mostly snow (endless rain here all week in Sacramento, and I'm glad his trip wasn't just a mud-fest). They had to move from the tent cabins into Yosemite Lodge two days later (massive wind threat), but the kids were oblivious, and the trip home was set back about 5 hours while the Park Service removed fallen trees from the highway. All the adult chaperones were worrying, and the kids were all "La-la-la"-ing in the snow. ;)

Lauren is done selling Girl Scout Cookies for this year (Yay!), and apparently holds the top G.P.A. in her grade. This includes some of the challenging classes that she was worried would be too much for her, so that's building some confidence. And she's playing basketball both in the bigger rec league AND in a smaller rec league (after trying out for the middle school team and not making it), where the coach bumped her up into the 8th-grade group to balance the numbers. This second rec league is a big step for her, because her best friend DID make the school team and Lauren's playing without her emotional "crutch."

And me? I'm writing slowly (snail's pace) and trying to get rid of some of the weight I regained starting when HSH's cancer diagnosis hit. And still mourning the Ducks' loss in the Rose Bowl (because who knew Terrelle Pryor was going to out-Masoli Jeremiah Masoli? Damn).