January 5th, 2010

Psycho Penguin


Yes, I am actually here-- and overdue in wishing both eponin10 and fourfreedoms happy birthdays. Sorry about that! Hope you both were able to celebrate in style and have a great time.

I'm waaaaay behind on my f-list. I last checked on Christmas Day, so it'll take me awhile to go through all those posts. I know you've all been busy, some with fic creations, some with news, some with recent worries.

Here's our update: HalfshellHusband had his last chemo treatment just before Christmas, and will have scans later this month and then some radiation therapy (that we hope won't make him anywhere near as sick as the chemo has). At his last pre-chemo visit, the doctor said something vaguely worrying that he's never said before, so I hope those head/body scans don't show anything still lurking.

What we've always heard is "Bone-marrow lymphoma is very rare and highly treatable, though it's unlikely that this is the primary site of the cancer." HSH went through lots of scans and MRIs this summer to see if there was a different "true primary site," and the doctors found nothing. They then proceeded to give him about 2X chemo-strength for 9 treatments, as a paranoia measure. I.e., to kill everything in case there WAS a different source that they missed. That's a big part of why he's been so sick. We're still hoping that the aggressive measures paid off, and that there IS no other area to treat. Meanwhile, I wonder if they'll even find anything in the bone below his knee that they're planning to irradiate? The pain/swelling went down to nothing after the first chemo treatment.

I really hope this is it, and that he's cured. It's been an awful year, and he deserves better.

The kids are back in school, though Christopher still has his cast on because Kaiser called Monday morning to cancel him due to a conflicting emergency. They didn't realize he was a kid, and that this was agonizing to him (already postponed a week because we were in Oregon on the first date they scheduled). Lauren spent the vacation fretting over a school geneology assignment for science (so many aunts/uncles/cousins to get photos and eye color from), but she stayed up until Midnight on New Year's Eve finishing it and another project. ;)

Someday I'll get that "What I Wrote In 2009" thing posted, but in the meantime I'm still taking down Christmas lights, cleaning up at home, and *koff* getting the last of the Christmas cards out. :0


Chuck Slash Fiction: "Reverse Surveillance" (Chuck/Casey, PG)

Title: Reverse Surveillance
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Chuck, Casey (Slashy)
Rating: PG
Summary: Chuck knows Casey watches him, but what if it isn't always just part of the job?
Author's Notes: A yuletide "extra" for gwyneth_rhys, who wanted Chuck and Casey. A different flavor than you asked for, but since it's a bonus ficlet I hope you enjoy it just the same!
Also for tentinyfandoms, this is "Blink."


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