December 10th, 2009


Happy Birthday __tiana__!

I hope it's been a wonderful day for you, with good celebrating and the decadent dessert of your choice!

If you'd like a drabble for your birthday, please leave me a comment below. I can do SPN Gen or Sam/Dean, to a flavor of your liking. :)


I haven't forgotten about my other drabbles, of course. Still working on one for killabeez, and I have a couple of pending ones (sorry tyrical's is taking so long, but I'm having trouble coming up with a good John/Matt scenario for that one). I really enjoyed stretching myself with that 10-character/15-word fic meme, though, and got sidelined by that for a bit.

Bookwise, I finished Three To Get Deadly yesterday, which is a Stephanie Plum book. I know some of you really love those, and I'm still... evaluating. I find the main character to be kind of a weak echo of the Kinsey Milhone character (the "A Is For Alibi" series), but the author seems to be aiming for a different flavor of character anyway. The flavor I'm getting is along the lines of "buffoon," though, which I hope is intentional. What I really love about the two novels that I've read are the colorful secondary characters of Grandma Mazur (what a pistol!) and Lulu (the reformed hooker now file-clerk). Lulu is a typical "sassy black woman" archetype, but she also exemplifies why that archetype is popular. She's snappy, she's funny, and she's damn sharp. In this last novel, she really seems much quicker and savvier at putting ideas together than the main character. And whichever other novel I read (with funeral home murders) went to town with Grandma Mazur, who is wily and incorrigably curious.

HalfshellHusband and I talked about this a little last night, and about how sometimes this same situation is true for TV shows and other books. I can't stand the Gary Sue psychologist in Jonathan Kellerman's books, but I love his gay cop friend Milo. That fic meme I mentioned above was revealing too- I like both Olivia and Eliot on Law&Order:SVU, but Fin is my favorite character. I like Michael and Fi on Burn Notice, but I love Sam. And I adore Olivia on Fringe, but Walter is the real reason I watch that show. On Scrubs, the Janitor was my go-to guy.

Actually this reminds me of that "We're Not Watching The Same Show, And That's Okay" essay (which I can't find a link to, darnit!) The author thought of ST:Voyager as the "Kes is cute as a button show" and I thought of it as the Holodoc show, while TPTB thought it was the Janeway show. But in the case of those Stephanie Plum novels, I wonder whether the author's intent was to make the secondary characters more fun and more compelling than the main character? Or mine simply an isolated reaction to those books?