December 9th, 2009

Psycho Penguin

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I finished the 10-character/15-word fic meme and posted that up, though everything was way over 15 words.

But hardly anyone's reading it, and I'm really hoping someone who watches "Fringe" will give the story featuring Walter a try. Writing him was a hoot, and a totally new character for me. Oh, Walter-- you'll never stop both fascinating and horrifying me!

We're watching S1 of Mad Men on DVD, and I'm not sure whether I like it or not. It's entertaining, but I pretty much hate all the characters in it, and that usually winds up being a problem down the road. :0

Not so for The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, which is finally on DVD. Yay! Disc 2 is on its way...

We watched the "Fall Finale" of White Collar, whatever that means (I hope it means "back in January" and not "back in March"). Matthew Bomer is so pretty that I could stare at him forever (light eyes, black lashes/eyebrows is always a winner for me), and I find Tim DeKay both competent and adorable as Agent Burke. Really, I've only ever seen DeKay in "Big Eden" before this, where he was hunky and did a fine job. Too bad his man-kissing opportunity was Ari Gross instead of Mr. Bomer, much as I love the movie (if Agent Burke wasn't happily married, I'd be slashing the hell out of those two). Also, I secretly love the revelation of where exactly Mozzie seems to live. It totally makes sense to me!

The online Xmas shopping continues. How did Lite Brite get to be a $27 toy? And why are people selling Shrinky Dink packages, but not the oven?

My other peeve is childrens' books that go out of print. Wizard and Wart and Wizard And Wart Go To Sea (Janice Smith) are unavailable, and I had to go to a second source for Dragon Gets By (Dav Pilkey). Those are marvelous, funny Level-2 reader books. One year, Harriet The Spy was even out of print!

I did, however, find the Yogi Tea "Chai Redbush" I'd wanted to give as a gift. Only took 4 stores for that one. ;) I've got a Trader Joe's trip in the future too, for gift-basket noms...