November 29th, 2009

Xmas Penguin

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I hope all of you Americans had a great Thanksgiving! Ours was very low-key, though we did go to a coffee shop for baked treats around lunchtime. We caught up on all of V, and Glee, and mostly loafed. No special dinner—these days, HalfshellHusband's "good" time of day is from about 10-3, and after that he becomes increasingly nauseated. But I only really missed having Weber-grilled turkey (I hate most of the traditional Thanksgiving foods except the turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberries), and HSH isn't up to missing anything. The kids were at their aunt's, and they had all the usual choices (and ate very few of them).

Neither of us went out to the stores on Black Friday (except for my trip to Dollar Tree and Rite Aid late in the day). Found lots of online Black Friday deals at, including SPN S4 for $14.99 (thanks for the heads-up, huggenkiss!). I looked at tons of stuff, until my eyes were dry and tired.

I mentioned searching for penguin-related things at Etsy earlier this week. I prefer the chubby, happy-go-lucky penguins to the more crowlike ones, and it's probably wrong that I find Piplup cute (he's a Pokemon pseudo-penguin), but just look at him. I also find this Penguin in a Squid suit hilarious, despite it being a product of Disney overcommercializing Club Penguin. There's also a penguin in a bee suit. ;)

While looking in the LEGO-type toys for something Christopher wanted, I came across the wrongness of this bikini-clad slave version of Princess Leia (the bikini looks like a really badly done tattoo, especially on that blocky LEGO body), and the painful dorky cuteness of a little green dragon (the nostrils! The dippy-looking tongue!)

Today I went to Cost Plus Imports, which is one of my favorite Christmas haunts (even though all the treats are ridiculously overpriced). I bought all my gift wines (almost bought "Plungerhead Zinfandel" for my BIL, but I wasn't sure he'd think that was funny). Last year, I bought a lot of "Electric Reindeer" wine, mostly for the great label, and was tempted this year by "EVIL" (upside-down on the bottle) and "The 7 Deadly Zins," but ultimately passed.

In the Christmas ornament section, there was an adorable paper-husk green dinosaur I'd seen last year, which is made to look all fierce and "RAAAHR" but is undermined by its little paper teeth. There was a great red dragon in that same section, and elsewhere an inexplicable Santa riding a chicken ornament. Wow. I have a feeling that has some kind of Eastern European origin, but I can't imagine what. In the candy section, there were bundled packages of foil-decorated chocolate pigs. Because nothing says "Christmas" like a barrel of chocolate pigs. :0

Some good finds: pumpkin bark candy, an eggnog chocolate bar (for my younger sister), and Iguana brand "vicious jalapeno pepper sauce" for my BIL who likes spicy foods.

Did all of you shoppers survive? How many of you holed up at home on Friday like me?