November 22nd, 2009

Sam & Dean Gen

Share the Wealth!

I might have mentioned a few bazillion times that my older laptop (with all my photos) died this summer.

That means I'm in need of the prettiness that is Sam, Dean, Jensen, and Jared once again. And what better way to find new and fabulous pictures than to ask all of you?

So please, share with me your favorite pictures of Sam, Dean, Jensen, Jared or any combinations thereof in the comments below. Screencaps, wallpapers, promo pics, whatever. What are your favorites, and what makes them special to you?

I'll go first, with one of my own:

This S1 promo shot of Dean is still one of the best photographic summaries of this character. He's tough, he's ready to take on danger, and yet there's a hint of loneliness in his expression. This is Dean after years without Sam, and the ache of that shows.

Now it's your turn. Paint me a picture below!


Happy Birthday, Cindy and dea_liberty!

Today is tsuki_no_bara's birthday, and I hope it's full of friends and family and wonderful things, and some fresh, moist, red velvet cake!

It's also dea_liberty's birthday, a lovely woman whom I was lucky enough to meet at Wincon this year. I know you're probably still unpacking from your trip and trying to get a handle on the future, but I hope you celebrated both your birthday and the milestones you've reached.

If either of you ladies would like a drabble, please leave me a note in the comments below with flavor and prompt.

Let there be cake!