November 20th, 2009

Psycho Penguin

So, that happened...

Christopher broke his wrist yesterday at school, playing kickball (he stumbled). He's taking it pretty well (though the phrase "buckle fracture" gives me the willies), and it certainly changes our weekend plans, since his soccer game and basketball tryout are no longer possible. (He'll be on the roster to "draft" for a team, but can't practice for another 4-6 weeks).

He's worried about how to get his exercise in now (since he can't run or bike), and afraid he'll get fat doing nothing. The kid takes his "athletic life" very seriously-- he's read one too many Sports Illustrated articles. The grownups are worried about the lack of exercise because Christopher's energy level is so high that he's impossible to live with if he doesn't knock it down a couple of levels. :0 And I know he'll hate losing all of his "conditioning," because he's in great shape.

OTOH (and this occurred to him too)... there's always been this lingering question of whether he's right-handed with a lot of ambidexterity, or whether he really should be left-handed (his atrocious printing makes us wonder, though his cursive is good). This should give him the opportunity to find out for real, since he's still just ten. :0

My cold is holding steady-- worse yesterday, but no change today. Our pending rainstorm will force me to bike in the garage today, which I'm actually looking forward to because I'm low-energy right now.

I'm trying to gear up for Christmas shopping, and pining for the days when I used to do most of my shopping online at "Toys 'R Us." Everyone's too old for that now, and their presents are in the money/gift-card category, which is simpler but much less fun. I've been meaning to look around Etsy again, which I never knew existed before the last Wincon. ciaan had the world's cutest little owl purse from there (I'm hoping someone on my f-list took a picture of it), and laser_radiation had a felt skeleton doll that she should be selling on Etsy! It was adorable! Maybe I'll find something over there for the nieces with pierced ears, or my older sister. The grownups mainly exchange wine and cookies, though my one SIL has done so much for us that I need some real gifts for her, and we give real gifts to my sister-without-children.

For my Dad, I'm going to introduce him to The Eyre Affair, which is the first of Jasper Fforde's "Thursday Next" novels. They're witty and zany, and they might be fun for him. Or a total miss, but it's worth the gamble.

How are all of you that celebrate Christmas preparing? Aside from pamalax, who's doing the early-fake-Christmas thing for a European friend that visits?

ETA: Penguin nativity set! There are no words. :D
ETA2: The phrase Boutique-quality burpcloth is an oxymoron if I've ever heard one. :0