November 9th, 2009


I get so behind on my f-list over the weekend...

and miss the wankage over things like kinkfreezone, which has already been self-deleted. Probably saved me a few blood-pressure surges, though!

This wasn't a "bad" weekend, really, but it was one of those that led to some wallowing. I spent all my free time Saturday taking down Halloween and doing laundry, before a quick library-and-chore-blitz, and then Sunday was more laundry, exercise (running), and 3 hours of yardwork that went right past sundown and into the eyestrain zone. The kids helped a little on Sunday (Lauren borrowed 2-hours-of-yardwork's worth of money, and Christopher stuck around for a slow hour), but the feeling of never making any headway on anything is so frustrating.

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Now for some fun, stolen from many people and places, and let's hope I don't screw up the coding: Collapse )