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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors
05 November 2009 @ 01:41 pm
I started the day by waking up at 9am and discovering that I'd turned off my alarm clock when HalfshellHusband's alarm went off and I mistook it for mine. Gah! I've never gotten ready for work so fast. :(

I thought about using the Starbuck's VIA sample this morning that girlguidejones was giving out at Wincon (my head is slow today, and I could use the caffeine jolt), but decided I'd better save it for Christmas at my parents', where the only coffee is either Folger's instant or the weak all-hazelnut stuff my mother favors.

I got to work, to find that the creepy-ass turkeys from the parking lot had made their way to the building entrance and were lurking around the door!?! Jokes were made about having a company picnic with a "BYOB(ird)" policy- "You pluck 'em, we'll roast 'em." Turkeys would be so much less creepy without those vulture-like heads.

So, new SPN tonight! Another throwaway episode, which brings us no closer to my personal goal of "finish the Doom!Arc and get back to the boys, and please let them be happy." But at least we'll have a good laugh.

Still cranking away slowly on my final Sweet Charity story, though if you've got a birthday coming up and want to lay in a drabble request now, please speak up! It's nice not to always be posting the drabbles up after the fact, and I usually need awhile before the inspiration 'hits.'

You know that White Collar show everyone's talking about? I intended to watch that, but didn't realize it aired on Fridays. So I'm going to have to Hulu/Torrent and get caught up. Also, as the FailBoat continues traveling along, I missed the premiere of V because I thought it aired last night instead of Tuesday.

OTOH, we finished watching Action on DVD, and I still love that show like blazes. SO rude, and SO wrong. But damned funny, with a high-colonic-addicted dead-movie-director on top. ;)

ETA: OK, admittedly I don't fully pay attention when watching Flash Forward but they seriously named an Asian character Dmitri AND they misspelled it as Demetri? *hurl*

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