October 15th, 2009

Diner Dean

Supernatural Badfic: "Salvation Between The Sheets" (Dean/OFC Crack/Badfic, PG-13)

Title: Salvation Between The Sheets
Author: Cary Lou (HalfshellVenus)
Characters: Dean/OFC (Het, Crack, Badfic?)
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Het! Always warn for Het. And leopards. And tentacles.
Summary: Dean totally finds the woman of his dreams, and it's epic.
Author's Notes: My first attempt at badfic, for the Wincon Badfic Idol competition. It's nowhere near as bad as it should be. The "adjacency of badness" and occurrence of TMI should be higher (and misspelling and bad grammar!), and you really need to be willing to totally confuse the audience. I bow to the masters, and hope you find this fun to read anyway. ;)


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So, obviously I'm back...

Wincon was fabulous, and I hope to get a post up about it this week. SO many people to talk to, both new friends and old, and it was exactly the kind of break from RL I needed.

The flight out of Denver was unnerving (turbulence!), and since I didn't allow enough time for the airport's excruciatingly slow security process (one line for each HALF of the entire airport), I ran out of time to buy souvenirs for the kids. I looked frantically, but nothing good caught my eye.

The family was glad to have me back, and things were pretty much how I'd left them on Friday morning (including the things that shouldn't have been). :0

Christopher stayed home sick the next day, reading boatloads and yacking my ear off while I tried to work from home. My parents called Monday night, and this conversation really cracked up my Dad:

Christopher: I almost threw up in the toilet this morning.
Grandpa: And how do you think the toilet felt about that?
Christopher: It's seen worse. (!)

I'm getting caught up on some of my shows (some Torrented, some via Hulu). Still a week behind on The Mentalist (though Rigsby's looking fine this season, and Cho needs more lines. He kills me). I WAS caught up on Glee (and the "harlot with eyes like a bush-baby"-- best insult ever!), but I haven't seen last night's episode yet because we watch L&O: SVU live.

Tuesday's storm splintered the neighborhood, and I mean that almost literally. Our area is full of brittle Modesto Ash trees with a 50-year lifespan that are at year 58 now. We lost a good fifth of one of ours, and the yard is covered with random branch-bits. Our really great tree-guy seems to have vanished (NOOoooooo!), so some opportunist working the neighborhood with his chainsaw got our business. We paid him too much, considering that he didn't repair the damaged part of the tree. As usual, the storm trashed the trees but left most of the mistletoe intact (thanks a lot!), and now we don't even have our special person to take care of that in December. :(

The local park was a mess (caution-tape everywhere), and Christopher and a friend went there to throw a football around yesterday. I think the real motivation was seeing how bad it was, and yes-- it was bad! Fabulously bad! They were thrilled.

On the downside, flu has been raging through Christopher's classroom. One of his closest friends went to the hospital last week (feverish, glassy-eyed and unresponsive, and those were his primary symptoms). He had both pneumonia AND Swine Flu, and underwent surgery to remove a lung infection. As of two days ago, he had finally come around and was alert and able to talk. He's still in critical condition, but things look much more promising.

Most of the parents in the class are panicking, so the Yosemite trip has been postponed from next week to some vague time in January/February (the only other availability). Fortunately, no-one else has been diagnosed with Swine Flu, though lots of the kids are randomly sick (seems to be waning, though).

Lauren's school, OTOH, has had no real problems and she's as healthy as ever.

Hope you and yours are well too.


I Can't Believe I Did This...

So, most of you probably know about the stress that's hit my RL in the last couple of years. For the new folks, here's a recap:

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Now to the point. My birthday is next Monday, and if you've been around awhile, you might also remember me lamenting last year about how turning 46 felt so hopelessly old, like it was a downward slide to 50 from there.

I visited my hairdresser today, who is pretty much the same age I am. After some discussion, and several rounds of math-checking, it turns out that I will be turning 46 on Monday. I'm actually 45 now.

How in the HELL did I skip a year? I don't even know which one it was, except that it wasn't 42 (helloooo Douglas Adams), and probably not 44 either (X*11 birthdays always call attention to themselves).

I'm stymied. What's more, I'm pretty sure one of my sisters-in-law did this to herself around this same age. God, maybe it's the early harbinger of senility. :0