September 23rd, 2009


Random Rants and Updates...

Really enjoyed the House season premiere, and Andre Braugher in particular. Oh, Andre—why are you not getting more work (recent chubbiness aside)? Your talent is going to waste! You were the only reason I ever sat through any part of Homicide, and you were a revelation...

Last night, amid the slowest code-building session in years, I set about checking HSH's wiring job on the DVR/Antenna/Converter Box setup to see why we can't record anything. And (*engages death ray*) the manual for our DVR states that if something like a cable box or a digital converter box is needed, we can AT BEST record the show that we're watching. Thank you Congress—you've added tons of TVs to landfills with the mandate for Digital Television, and now you've invalidated my DVR and forced me to buy yet another piece of equipment for your conversion. Gah! The front room TV is a few years old, and is biggish, so we're not replacing that with digital. The back room TV is digital, and the VRC/DVD player is older, so that's what we'll replace. *is pissed off*

With the few shows we're watching now, how are so many of them in conflict? We've got Glee vs. L&O: SVU tonight, and The Mentalist, Fringe, and SPN all at 9pm on Thursdays (we have "early prime-time CBS in our market. Bleh). So we'll need that new DVR soon.

We watched the premier of The Good Wife last night, and enjoyed it. BUT (and I probably shouldn't admit this)... this new method of scheduling commercials doesn't work for me at all. Running shorter commercial breaks every 5-7 minutes frustrates the hell out of me—I keep getting up to do things, and not returning in time. This is where I wonder if some of my mother's ADHD might have been passed down. :0 And whether my inability to work a story over 5-7K (maximum) might be related...

In the world of books, I finished Await Your Reply a few weeks back (a grown-up novel—loved it), Toys Dance Party (juvenile fiction, the sequel to the Toys Go Out, and MUCH less fun than the original—depressing even), and am working on The Bell At Sealey Head. That last is a Patricia McKillip novel, and I love her work in general, but held off on this because for some reason I thought it was set in modern times (that apparently was a different book, which I couldn't get into at all).

Lauren is deep in the lore of sparkly vampires (*cries*), and Christopher is reading the Warriors series (about warrior cats and clans, and he's finished 12 of the 18 in the last 3 weeks). Most of his friends love that series, and it took him until this summer to give that and the Pendragon books a try. I also found the Mistmantle series, which he enjoyed quite a bit. He was understandably very upset when a character killed a baby hedgehog in one of the earlier books, and relieved when that character later turned out to be a villain. That series is about woodland creatures having adventures (I think there's a squirrel with a sword on one of the covers). Interestingly enough, he mentioned that he can't dream or daydream adventures from these books the way he often likes to, because he can't dream himself as an animal. I don't know whether I ever did as a kid either, but as an adult I've had at least one dream where I was a frog. And? Not as fascinating a life as you might think, either. ;)

Sam & Dean Gen

Supernatural Gen Fiction: "With No End In Sight" (Mystery Spot, PG)

Title: With No End In Sight
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Sam, Dean (Gen)
Rating: PG
Summary (3x11, "Mystery Spot): Sam lost Dean again today…
Author's Notes: This was originally written for a friend's birthday, an experiment in poetry that I'd hoped would be a drabble on "Repetition." I can't force it down to 100 words without losing its essence, though, so it stands at 148 instead. At least it's no longer in first person...


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