September 18th, 2009


Dear Bostonians...

I can see that MapQuest isn't going to be a lot of help in this area, so let's ask the natives. I know at least a few of you live in/near Boston, or have in the past:

Say you were going to go out for a drive starting from around the M.I.T. campus, and you wanted to wind up somewhere that was semi-isolated/rural, possibly with a good view.

Is there anyplace like that, within a 60 minute drive? The area looks pretty thoroughly urban from the map, and it's probably also fairly flat (no "lookout points"). Any ideas you can suggest?

*offers virtual cookie*


Stuff What Happened Yesterday...

I had my every-3-years OBGYN visit (with the dreaded Pap smear) yesterday. That's always fairly awful, but there was a surprise bonus at the end: someone giving flu shots in the waiting room.

Two birds, one stone. I usually skip the flu shot (because I have great immunity), but I figured it'd be better not to endanger HSH. And the fact sheet gave me the info I'd been looking for on his behalf-- whether the flu shot is dangerous or important when you're immunosuppressed from something like Chemo. Turns out he needs it, so he'll be getting one on Tuesday.

The route from the doctor's office to the freeway goes past Fleet Feet, so I'd planned last weekend to stop off afterward and get new running shoes. \o/ I finally has new shoes!

What did NOT happen yesterday was the recording of Fringe, because it turns out that when HSH installed the converter box for the digital TV changeover, he bypassed the DVR entirely. Augh! One of us will be rewiring this weekend, and I'll try to catch the show via Hula or something. Better to know now, before the Prime Time season really heats up...

I went running with the new shoes this morning. The temps were hotter than I like, but there's no helping that in Sacramento. The shoes DO feel more cushy, though I didn't get a massively improved feeling from them thanks to slowly overheating during the run. The other shoes had almost NO cushion, though, and were at least 5 years old thanks to the plantar fasciitis fiasco that struck within 4 months of buying them. So I definitely needed the new ones. Hope to "feel it" more when the weather's cooler, if THAT ever happens.

This weekend: Saturday soccer (Christopher), Saturday ride (me), and Sunday brunch with my MIL who is feeling better now and getting around with her walker. That last news is both surprising and wonderful, because she was doing poorly after the last bout of whatever hit her (she doesn't go to the hospital anymore, as she's moved into the hospice stage). It's nice to have her with us a little longer, and I'll keep my fingers crossed as tightly as I can for more.

Sam & Dean Gen

Supernatural Slash Drabble: "Sweet Talk" (Crack, PG)

Title: Sweet Talk
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Bobby/Rufus (Slash, Drabble, Crack)
Rating: PG
Summary: Like two crabby-ass peas in a pod…
Author's Notes: There is NO excuse for this one. I'm fated to write the things I joke about, it seems.
For supernatural100 ("Aggravation") and spn_drabble ("Fireworks").


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