September 10th, 2009


Behind, as usual

I'm almost a week and a half behind on my f-list, which means that I haven't read your Vancouver SPN reports or anything else momentous that you did or thought during that time. I'll try to catch up, little by little.

Over the Labor Day weekend, I finished and posted my Die Hard 4 Sweet Charity story for scarlett_o, which was a huge accomplishment. First, done, and second, it clocked in at about 7780 words, which is the longest thing I've written yet. I don't know how you people with your Big Bangs or your "I wrote 10,000 words last night" do it!

We also saw 500 Days Of Summer last Friday night, which was even better than I'd heard. Only the intermittent narration was out of place (seriously, they should have written that out), but the rest was fantastic. It depicts the beginning, end, and aftermath of a relationship, going back in forth chronologically and contrasting the highs near the beginning with parallel lows near the end. I love Zooey Deschanel, who was perfectly cast here (with that certain vagueness and innocent charm), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was terrific. Funny, too—the male character has a couple of friends that show up again and again, and I kept thinking that the nicer one was kind of cute and that I'd seen him somewhere. I didn't realize that it was Matthew Gray Gubler (Reid) from Criminal Minds, partly because I hate his character on that show so much that it's the primary reason I don't WATCH that show. :0 He came off very differently here (and is better-looking with the longer hair, I think).

Saturday, we watched Kung Fu Panda with the kids. It was much better than I expected, with some surprisingly beautiful art in some of the animation. I don't know why they wasted money on casting Angelina Jolie as one of the voices, but on the flip side, I adored James Hong as the Panda's noodle-shop-obsessed father. I recognized his voice immediately, though I still can't figure out why he sounds about half his age. The man is 80 now!

Sunday we took the kids to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (formerly known as Marineworld). THAT was desperation—they were holding a Latino Celebration Festival, which means that about 30% more people flocked to the park and the crowds and lines became unbearable. We had the same experience on Mother's Day, because they were running a promotion, but at least this time we were prepared and went a little earlier. I'd have picked another weekend, but Christopher got accepted into a local competitive basketball team, so for the rest of the fall we'll have soccer-Saturdays and basketball-Sundays, and probably not be able to really leave town. :0

Sunday was our only outing. My MIL wasn't well enough to go out to breakfast on Saturday (we think she might have had a small stroke a few days earler), and I had lots to do around the house. I started some overdue touch-up painting, primer-painted some picture frames from Goodwill for re-use (free matting!), and did lots of gardening with help from the kids. Someday, I'll get around to de-babyfying Christopher's room the rest of the way, but not just yet.

Boy, do I miss those Mondays off I used to have. I went back to work full-time (instead of 80%) last March, because the company imposed a temporary 5% pay-cut, and I figured I'd rather gain 15% than lose 5%. But moreover... Mondays had been different ever since HSH went on disability 2 years ago, because then he was home all day then and wanted to go out for coffee or to a movie or something, and so my "me" time and "project" time was gone then too. Change—you just can't stop it.

Did everyone else have a good weekend? Some of you have kids that probably went back to school on Tuesday, though ours went back August 24, so we're already "in the grind."

ETA: One of the few things I DID get done was to purchase my Wincon ticket and book my flights. Yayyyy! Hope to see you there!


In the shape of an "L" on her forehead...

My god, I'm lame...

So, as part of being in a fog for the entire month of August, I haven't really adjusted to it being September yet. And in the back of my mind, I knew "intellectually" that the SPN Season Premiere was Sept. 10, but it still didn't register as being TODAY! *gasps*

Normally, I'd probably have it marked on the calendar and be all a-squee. Mostly, I'm just nervous that Kripke's going to ruin the show this year, because I didn't care much for S4 at all (I'm not a fan of the Apocalypse arc), and this year looks like more of the same except possibly with less Sam&Dean, which would be terrible. Not trying to harsh anyone's excitement, just being honest. But at least I'll BE there for the event, and not "Lalalalala-ing" around with DVD's of "The Closer" while it's airing. :0

Because here's the other thing... in recent years, SO many shows have pushed their premieres off into October that I'm not ready for the Prime Time season to start at all! And our newspaper stopped delivering the free weekly TV schedules, which I'm about to fork over 25-cents more for right now as soon as I can find out where that is on their webpage.

So f-list, tell me: HAVE I MISSED ANYTHING ELSE?

A lot of my beloved shows were cancelled this year (the quirky ones, mostly), and I didn't watch much on NBC anyway (which is going for ratings-suicide this year with the all-Jay-Leno programming). But! Anything I should know about on network television?

I have got to climb up out of my hole more often! August was a very rough month...