August 25th, 2009



Accidental crosspost from Dreamwidth there.

Yesterday, thinking that I was going to get to the Vancouver SPN Con after all, I went out running and found I had another mile in me! Five miles-- whoo!

Today, after discovering that I CAN'T go after all (thanks, Homeland Security Passport Policies), I got into the leftover birthday cake and my bike ride was dismal and frustrating, and I wound up cutting it a little short. So human, so unhelpful. This won't make fitting into a dress for my niece's wedding any easier!

To spread some "Voom" instead of Doom and Gloom, here's a link to the Supernatural Season 4 Gag Reel, assuming you haven't already seen it. Though I've got to say, if I were in Jensen's shoes, I'd be dousing all of Jared's food and beverages with Beano. :0

And yes, YouTube (and, I know I need to upgrade my browser! Think I'm going to go "off-book" and try Firefox, because my company doesn't want XP users to go beyond I.E. 6, and I.E. 7 is targeted for "Vista" users only (like I'm ever going to let THAT happen to my PC). Apparently, others have done the end-run around company policy and gone for Firefox and other browsers as well. I figure I.E. 8 might get approved in about 2 fiscal years, so that's a no-go.

Speaking of Dreamwidth above... I have 3 ONE invite codes. Comment below with your email address if you're interested!


Deep breath...

My Silver Ticket is in the hands of a nice man who lives a few towns over from me, so someone will be getting the mileage out of that Vancouver SPN Con ticket. I'll recover about half the cost of it, which is so much nicer than losing the whole bundle AND having an empty seat at the Con. HSH was able to hand-deliver this afternoon, so it's all settled.

The lovely emerald_angel9, whom I'd hoped to room with in Vancouver, is still looking for a roommate to share a room with private bath at the Vancouver Hostel. It's within easy walking distance of the Con and runs about $56/night. She still has the reservation, so if you're interested please contact her ASAP vi LJ-messaging. I know she'd rather share with a single roommate than sleep on the floor with 4 other people for the same price.

And if you've booked rooms at the Burrard Motor Inn, you'll really want to consider getting in touch with her. See the reviews here, which warn about bedbugs (!!!) as recently as 6 weeks ago.

For those of you who are going to the Con, have a wonderful time! Tell us everything!