August 20th, 2009

Sam & Dean Gen

Last Chance on SPN Vancouver Con Silver Ticket

No ebay bids on the listing, and really-- the cut ebay takes is ridiculous.

I'd like to sell my Silver Ticket and ship it U.S. Priority Mail (2-3 days) to the winner. I have a PayPal account for payment, original cost was $349. The Silver Ticket package includes personal autographs with all of the major cast members!

Do you have a reasonable offer? Please comment below!

If I can't sell this thing, I'm going to have to go myself, but for a number of reasons (wedding conflict, RL stress), I'd rather not.


Carpal-Tunnel Thumb

Sounds like a line from a Gregory Corso poem, doesn't it?

My left thumb has been bothering me since the first bike ride I took post-vacation. I think I leaned too hard on the handlebar "horn" and stretched the joint out over that ride (when you take a break from cycling, those triceps are the first thing to go and your arms get weak). I thought it was getting better last week (when I biked twice), but this week I've gone three times and clearly it is NOT better. I've had nerve-pain in the left hand before from biking, but this is a new.

Still stressed over needing to sell that Vancouver SPN Con ticket, OR book the travel. The expense and suckage of travel from here to Vancouver are part of why I put that off to begin with, and now that I'd rather sell the ticket I'm confronted with it again. I see that there are non-stop flights from LAX to Vancouver-- the CW alone must populate at least one daily flight-exchange. :0

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Also saw 17 Again, which I'd had Netflix send for Lauren's slumber party but was forced to hide after discovering it was PG-13 (and why). :0 It was fun, and Zac Efron was wonderful in it. I do pity him growing up to become the going-to-seed Matthew Perry in the end. However, the rich nerd-best-friend who gets co-opted into playing the character's "Dad"? All of the scenes with the two of them together were consistently the best parts of the movie for me. :)

Oops, almost forgot - genius web ad for "Certified Pre-Owned Cats!" :D