July 30th, 2009


Rants and ROFL

It's been a week of ups and downs. Tuesday was just bad all around. I started the day on the tail end of a dream where I wound up passing through an extended urban disaster with my sister (disaster as in drugged-out, crazed, homicidal homeless people with weapons chasing after us), then had a headache and the urge to nap at my desk all day, could not complete any single task at work, and had to talk to HSH about him arranging his overdue ECT treatment (because I cannot push his depression uphill with everything else that's going on). *sigh*

Then we watched Craig Ferguson's "A Wee Bit O' Revolution" on DVD, and that made things much better.

Wednesday was bad for HSH—he was extremely nauseated all day (not like the mild nausea he's had since the first chemo treatment), and he decided the time had come to shave his head, which was really hard for him. In the "mixed" category, he started suffering from hiccups, which almost seems like vindication for the rest of the family because he has previously only ever had one "Hic" and then been done. Seriously. And would insist that people who got "stuck" on them were weird. Now he knows!

Now, on the fun side, have some links:

Barb posted this last night, misheard Pearl Jam lyrics, which just killed me. Heathen toads! Little gnome! By the halfway point, the fake lyrics sound just as authentic as the real ones. ;)

And an office friend sent me links for some temporary tattoos for poor HSH's head (Macho Literary tattoos) at the Archie McPhee website. You've got to love a place that has a link for "Our Weirdest Stuff," and you KNOW I clicked the Zombies & Monsters link (the cubicle zombie! The baby Godzilla! The t-shirt!). This is the place for all your gag-gift needs, whether it's an Emergency Yodel Button, a pair of Remote-Control, Hopping, Yodelling Lederhosen (who doesn't need one of THOSE?), or a Stress Freud.

So much weirdness, so little time!