July 14th, 2009


Vacation Looms

We're heading off on our annual trip to Oregon tomorrow, which is earlier than usual. We've been aiming for July for a couple of years now, but always kept getting pushed into August. Not this time! We'll be gone July 15-27, so that means I'll be missing a completely different set of birthdays while I'm gone:

lady_shain, thelana, esorlehcar, erinrua, jasmasson, deirdre_c, and unhobbityhobbit, I hope you all have wonderful birthdays and are able to celebrate them in style! Sorry I won't be here to help on your actual birthdays- my Dad's house has no Internet at all now, and my sister's Internet is inaccessible. Worse than ever!

Let's hope I get some writing done while I'm gone-- these last few weeks have not been good. :(

In fact, there was some unneeded personal drama two weeks ago, with my main archival laptop crashing and not being able to start Windows. Because it's a work PC, it bypasses DoS and goes right to Windows, which means I can't retrieve any of my data if the system is truly dead. My family photos, my tons of fics (really all archived here on LJ, but not the WIP stuff), my Burn Notice downloads... all held hostage. There ARE a few things I wouldn't want anyone in the office IT dept. to see (Sam/Dean manips, for instance), but the office won't fix it anyway. The system is "too old," and no longer supported. So it's at Nerds On Call instead, while they try to retrieve my data, and then that may be it for that PC. *fingers are crossed*

One last thing to share, which I can't BELIEVE none of you reposted back when it first appeared. SPN fans might love it more, but it's still a great combination of a bizarre concept and insanely perfect picture to go with it. Collapse )

Be good while I'm gone, and guard the fort!