July 12th, 2009


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HalfshellHusband had his first chemo treatment on Friday. The nausea isn't too bad, though he's a little dizzy/unsteady at times and very tired. He's mostly napping today, and the kids are away at the moment, which is good. We're still planning to go up to Oregon on vacation this Wednesday, though we might do that in halves or a day later if he's feeling bad then.

We saw The Proposal a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it, apart from some cringe-worthy moments. I love Betty White to death—she just kills me. I saw her on the Craig Ferguson show months ago, and she really went toe-to-toe with him!

Thanks to Netflix's "Watch Live" offerings, we've stumbled onto a British series called Doc Martin that we're really enjoying. The main character is SUCH a stick-in-the-mud that he thoroughly deserves the dreadful receptionist that apparently came with the office. Beautiful scenery, colorful locals, lots of snark. What's not to love?

Spent some time last night trying to dig up Urban Legends toward an SPN story, and was reminded of why I generally just make stuff up. It's hard to find sites (90% of the hits are for the movie of the same name), and most of them rehash the same 15-25 myths—which aren't all that useful. Why would Sam and Dean care if something foretells death? The creature in question isn't dangerous, and pretty soon it's all over. :(

My other main fic resource, as you know, is MapQuest. I look up towns and terrain, try to figure distances from one point to another and how populated certain areas are. A few years ago, the "satellite" view showed that Winchester Oregon was useless to work into a story, because it's a "new town" with no interesting history. Boo. Although I used THAT in the story instead. ;)

And my other favorite haunt (besides LJ, of course)? imdb.com Sometimes I'm looking up character names for a random-fandom story/conversation. Sometimes I'm on a "who's that guy?!?" hunt for a character actor, like when the Reaper guy who successfully escaped from Hell showed up on Lie To Me, or when I just want to know who that incredible actor on that S1 House, M.D. episode was (Clifton Powers). And sometimes... *koff*... is this because HalfshellHusband is tall?... I'm looking up an actor's height. As in, watching 24 and thinking, "Tony Todd looks like a giant, is he really that tall?" (yes- 6'5") Or "Is Lee Pace really tall or is Kristin Chenoweth just really short?" (both).

Peeked through the anonymous SPN wankery until far too late last night, which I was utterly unaware of until yesterday. And I'm so glad I never know about these things! Whoo—ignorance is bliss! \o/